And Why Not?

eleven. exactly. one louder.

Patrick Phelan
10 January 1984
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And she said, "Your aura is really dirty. Your aura is the aura of a bitter and depressed person. You have the aura... of an angry man."
And I said to her, "Fuck off!"

- Paul McDermott, the Doug Anthony All Stars.

I am a 25 year old boy (word chosen carefully, Manhood comes with emotional maturity, so I'll be looking out for that in about fifteen more years) with the world's most adorable five year old sister. I live in Collaroy, up north of Sydney. I enjoy writing, and in the near-to-mid future, I'd like to have a job that involves writing in some way. For now, I'm preparing for TAFE, possibly going to film school or university next year, and doing far too much work on Dungeons & Dragons. I enjoy movies, video games, books, roleplaying games, music, my sister's company, bad food, and that hair-raising brain-fuzz feeling I get mostly during key-changes in favourite music.

I probably like you, as long as you don't make me leave the house or talk or interact with people in any way. I am a fragile little snail-turtle and rarely emerge from my shell.

I have a superfluous joint-like crease on the smallest finger of my right hand.